Trussardi is universally known for its excellence, understated elegance and experimental approach. Established in Bergamo (Italy) by Dante Trussardi in 1911, Trussardi Group produces beautiful men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

Laura Biagiotti

Fashion and perfume have formed an unbreakable bond that is under lined by style. Laura Biagiotti is known for being one of the founders of Italian Fashion and the fashion industry that is the pride of Italian manufacturing excellence.

Angel Schlesser

The Angel Schlesser fashion collections feature a simple and minimalist style. The timeless modernity of his garments conceals sophisticated pattern work, hidden beneath a studied simplicity, which seeks to serve an urban and active woman who favours the comfort and elegance of the latest fashion trend.


Blumarine is femininity, is Anna Molinari, epitheted Queen of the Roses, as her fondness for these enchantingly sensual flowers capture the Blumarine brand image.

Gianfranco Ferré

L´architteto Ferré. The Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré was known by this nickname in the world of fashion. It was a mark of recognition for an exceptional artist.

Armand Basi

In 1987 was born Armand Basi brand, with a clear vocation for quality and the avant-garde, and not only international inspiration but also a sense of Mediterranean identity.

Mandarina Duck

Mandarina Duck is a lifestyle brand that accompanies travelers around the world. Its dynamic and innovative collections offer creative and original solutions boasting contemporary style and cosmopolitan design. Since its very first collection, color has been a key element for Mandarina Duck. Its distinctive logo — the mandarin duck — is a migratory bird of…