Angel Schlesser

The Angel Schlesser fashion collections feature a simple and minimalist style. The timeless modernity of his garments conceals sophisticated pattern work, hidden beneath a studied simplicity, which seeks to serve an urban and active woman who favours the comfort and elegance of the latest fashion trend.

Schlesser designs with women in mind, with the intention of offering them a stylish wardrobe that suits their needs and gives them confidence and beauty.

His concept is clear: feminine silhouettes mixed with masculine cuts, premium fabrics and an excellent quality finish. The result is simple but sophisticated, refined in the details and with a restrained sensuality that speaks of femininity and beauty.

Angel Schlesser’s creations showcase the beauty of each woman in a current and contemporary way. Every detail, every cut, every drape of fabric is searching for an emotion, because Schlesser’s creations pamper the women who wear them.


A timeless classic

The most iconic of the fragrances of Angel Schlesser. Launched in 1999, the fragrance contain the most authentic values of the brand: the subtle elegance of the designs; the sobriety and minimalism of forms. It has become over the years a classic in terms of fidelity, and the key to its success is the fragrance.
The Eau the Toilette is a fresh, spicy, transparent, luminous fragrance. Pleasant and comfortable, with a long-lasting personality. The perfect expression of natural beauty: transparent, luminous, delicate and feminine.

Infinie Fraîcheur Collection


He dreamt of a fragrance as pure and as fresh as the Mediterranean, created with natural ingredients, as was done in the past.
“Since I started working with fragrances, I have been obsessed with the idea of recreating exactly an aroma that moved me at a certain time”. (Angel Schlesser)
With this idea in mind, we decided to create an Angel Schlesser Eau de Cologne. This time we sought to recreate his visit to the Gardens of the Alcázar in the Alhambra. And so, in commemoration of the freshness in which he was immersed in Granada. And that is how Angel Schlesser’s BERGAMOT EAU DE COLOGNE was created. A light, natural eau de cologne with a refreshing and long-lasting aroma, designed as a tribute to freshness.



Whereas Bergamot Eau de Cologne, was his tribute to traditional cologne, almost always citrus-based. Now his new fragrance is based on the classic elements of an Eau de Cologne but adds a floral, fruity, aqueous freshness. The result is a longer-lasting and more intense Eau Fraîche.
The new EAU FRAÎCHE PEONÍA ROSA, a new fresh fragrance that pays homage to the pink peony, a sophisticated, appreciated and popular flower. The new feminine freshness and the joyful beauty of pink peonies.