Anne Möller

Inspired by real women, Anne Möller is the more human side of the most innovative cosmetics. We apply top technology to the creation of products to provide solutions for every stage of a woman's life: innovation and science adapted to women for a visible reality reflected in the skin.

Founded in Barcelona in 1993, the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the sector. One of these was the Norwegian doctor Ana Möller, based in her beloved adopted city of Barcelona and from whom the brand name originated.


Supplementary cosmetic program for the skin

The Rosâge supplementary cosmetic product program has been specifically designed to offset the nutritional deficit skin suffers as a result of lower estrogen levels thanks to its Skin Probiotic Supplement technology. This anti-aging range of supplements enables the tailoring of treatments according to the individual needs of each woman’s skin, as it comprises five products that act together in synergy. Rosâge has been designed for women of approximately 50 years of age, the moment when the first signs associated with reduced estrogen production begin to show in the skin. A highly effective program with proven results on 13 signs of aging, all with innovative textures and providing immediate comfort.


Self-regenerative technology

In their 40s, women are at their professional and personal peak, but this is also when loss of skin firmness begins to accelerate. Belâge Skin-up acts against these first signs of sagging thanks to its self-regenerative technology. Its active ingredients boost the growth of hypodermal stem cells and epidermal cells to improve the mechanisms that support the skin. Its innovative roller format enhances its effectiveness for visible improvement in the skin, with an instant lifting effect and proven long-term results.



Company founded



since the launch of ADN40, now Belâge, the first treatment range with proven results on DNA.



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