Armand Basi

In 1987 was born Armand Basi brand, with a clear vocation for quality and the avant-garde, and not only international inspiration but also a sense of Mediterranean identity.

In this sense, ARMAND BASI has always been in touch with the most avant-garde trends. Its collections have been associated with cultural and aesthetic concepts and especially with movements linked to architecture nature, demonstrating its vocation for new artistic currents and new ways of thinking.

Nature, from an urban perspective, has always been a source of inspiration for Armand Basi fragrances.

Nature increasingly pervades Armand Basi like ivy climbing over the lettering of an imaginary neon sign. If nature was insinuated in the brand's early fragrances, in the more recent ones it is expressed with greater intensity.


A fragrance that embodies the concepts of geometry and architecture central to the avant-garde style of the brand, combined with the concept of urban nature, understood as a celebration of nature from the perspective of the urban dweller who seeks the essence of things in nature.
The power of red transmits passion, sensuality and femininity; while white represents purity and closeness. Spring and light serve as inspiration.
Now, after more than a decade, the fragrance is still a success, ranking among international perfumes that continue to be bestsellers year after year, with its two original versions: In white, the eau de toilette, and in red, the eau de perfum, more intense and sensual.
Is a transparent floral fragrance, with woody base notes, belonging to the floral/woody family.

The top notes greet us with the citrus energy of mandarin and bergamot, supporting an exotic, spicy note of cardamom and ginger. They symbolize positivity and radiance on an emotional level.
The floral middle notes express femininity and joy: a garden of intense aroma, based on rose and jasmine, with the feminine touch of lily of the valley and the deep green of violet leaves.
The base notes hold the fragrance’s woody warmth, composed of the most sensual notes of wood and musk, a complexity set against the delicate freshness of moss.