Blumarine is femininity, is Anna Molinari, epitheted Queen of the Roses, as her fondness for these enchantingly sensual flowers capture the Blumarine brand image.

Over four decades, the brand has made a definite mark in the universe of style, creating in 1977 Blumarine brand which represents the highest dimension of brand identity and positioning.

In particular, Blumarine is the name of the group’s main line, which, designed by Anna Molinari, constitutes its core business.

In 1995 was introduced as a ready-to-wear line for young women, Blugirl has a romantic inspiration with a playful ironic twist. Designed by Anna Molinari, it expresses a feminine ideal at once true to the Blumarine spirit and open to fanciful reinterpretation.

Through the years, the ever-coherent Blumarine style has become a byword for a unique concept of romantic femininity, elegance and sensual refinement.

This distinct, recognizable style comes through in the cuts and colors of the clothes, in the glam image of the advertising campaigns, in the evocative interior design of the mono brand stores.

The clothing icon of the Maison is the "Blue V", Blue as Blumarine and V as a mink.

The extraordinary success of the sweater comes from creativity By Anna Molinari who knew to turn a compliment into a fashionable success… In fact, one night, few years ago, she came out wearing a cashmere sweater with a mink scarf and for the whole evening, she received many compliments.

Returning home, she thought about it all night. And, basically, the next morning Blue V was born.

Blumarine Dange-Rose

The new fragrance Queen of Roses

Dange-Rose is Blumarine’s new fragrance that embraces the challenge of this woman of the 21° century. Idealistic and courageous, she considers her beauty to be anunconventional element of her personality. She knows how to express mysterious feminine allure because she uses her masculine side to breakdown the limitations of obsolete meanings. She is a modern Lady Oscar whose goal is not a victory per se but the construction of a female figure who follows her dreams while keeping a firm grasp of reality. She enhances her enthusiasm for love through rational analysis, and she knows how to shed tears of joy and laugh at the adversities that the world sends her way. She knows how to love her man because she knows how to enhance and guide his qualities.