Gianfranco Ferré

L´architteto Ferré. The Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré was known by this nickname in the world of fashion. It was a mark of recognition for an exceptional artist.

The creator of a unique style, he combined his knowledge as an architect with a strict concept of elegance. Ferré stated that ‘The construction concept is the same. Architecture is a search for solutions in shape, volume and colour. Just like fashion.’

He held many of the most important awards in the fashion world – he was awarded the best Italian designer title 6 times, he won the The Golden Thimble award of French couture – Gianfranco Ferré represents the essence of Italian taste.

Thanks to a perfect balance of fantasy and rigour, the excellence of his cut, his total control of volume, and a unique concept of sophistication and elegance, Ferré’s style has lasted until our days with contemporary beauty and modernity.


Pink is the color of femininity and an expression of elegance. It expresses elegance and sensuality, symbolizing the natural splendor of a woman that blossoms from within, with a light touch of sensuality that creates perfect balance.

Rose is the name of the flower that perfectly defines a fragrance for the woman who inspires Gianfranco Ferré to create his Haute Couture designs.

To evoke a femininity rich in elegance and grace. This is what Gianfranco Ferré intended in giving life to Ferré Rose: a vibrant new and fresh fragrance devoted to the universe of flowers.