Laura Biagiotti

Fashion and perfume have formed an unbreakable bond that is under lined by style. Laura Biagiotti is known for being one of the founders of Italian Fashion and the fashion industry that is the pride of Italian manufacturing excellence.

Laura Biagiotti is famous worldwide for the extraordinary quality of her fashion: the New York Times called her "The Queen of Cashmere" due to her love for this precious yarn that she has used since her very first collection with a different, cultivated approach, developing it into a totally new fashion element.

“Perfume dresses the soul”
Laura Biagiotti


A tribute to the eternal city

“I wanted an intense, unique fragrance able to preserve its originality. A strong essence with a personality as unique and unusual as the city after which it is named.” Laura Biagiotti

Due to their particular olfactive compositions, Roma and Roma Uomo are an ethereal expression of the feminine and masculine personalities that reflect the character of the city for which they are named.


Roma is a fragrance that exudes femininity. Its floral scent captures the essences of Sicilian Bergamot in its head notes mixed with a touch of Mint and bitter Orange, Jasmine and Almond blossoms in the heart notes.
Its base notes accentuate sensuality through a hint of balsam, a combination deriving from Myrrh of Northern Africa blending with Amber Gris of Siam and Vanilla extract. At this point, Patchouli of Singapore comes into play along with Oak Moss from the Balkans, developing a subtle, lingering sensuous harmony


The freshness of the Mediterranean seduces the power of tropical elements. Roma Uomo expresses the timeless, classic mood of a man whose elegant gestures, thoughts and attitude convey his strength.
The classicism of nature produces the encounter between Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine. These notes with innate freshness add radiance to the spicy notes of Basil and Bay Leaf and are influenced by the extraordinary power of tropical woods such as Cedar Wood, Sandal Wood and Massoia Wood.
This olfactory combination generates the mystery of male seduction that needs no excuses and artifice.


“Perfumes have always been my dear travel companions throughout my long career. To me, perfume is a friend, a confidant, a supporter full of fascinating moods untouched by time”
Laura Biagiotti



In 2018, Roma and Roma Uomo fragrances will turn 30 years in the market.



It has been calculated that if the 110 million bottles that will be sold around the world were lined up, they would cross the world!


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