Möller for Man

Innovation, effectiveness, technology and practicality. These are the words that define Möller for Man. Its Flashtec technology boasts a revolutionary active-transporting capsule capable of crossing the skin barrier at record speed, obtaining high-performance formulas and visible effectiveness.

The only men’s range that guarantees timely effectiveness with ultra-fast absorption textures tested by men. 3-in-1 multitasking treatments providing hassle-free skin care for men in just 10 seconds.


Global anti-aging cream

The Flashtec high-speed technology, present in all Möller for Man treatments, combines with the antioxidant and DNA-repairing power of this anti-aging global action cream. Combats symptoms of skin aging, improves wrinkles and prevents sagging. Its continuous use strengthens the dermis, slowing down the first signs of aging and leaving the skin firm, smooth and hydrated. Recommended for reducing, preventing and slowing down the visible signs of the passage of time on the face in only 10 seconds.


Anti-aging smart cream

Mobile, tablet and computer screens give off what is known as blue light. It causes damage to the skin such as dark spots, freckles, white spots, inflammation and premature aging. Furthermore, the skin is also affected by environmental pollution caused by poor air quality in urban areas. With its cutting-edge technology, this cream combines anti-aging action and preventive action thanks to a double defence that combats these two potential threats: it reduces the effects of digital pollution and creates a protective film on the surface of the skin, forming a barrier against pollutants. And all this in only 10 seconds, thanks to high-speed technology.