Trussardi is universally known for its excellence, understated elegance and experimental approach. Established in Bergamo (Italy) by Dante Trussardi in 1911, Trussardi Group produces beautiful men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

Trussardi expresses a new lifestyle based on excellence. For one hundred years the brand has represented the solidity and creativity of a fashion house and the commitment and values of a family. Trussardi Group wants to help people make their lives more elegant, fascinating, sophisticated, and exciting.

Research has always been the point of departure of every product and project of Trussardi Group, which respects its unique heritage while instilling it with exciting contemporary perspectives.

The standard of materials used is of primary importance within the overall concept of quality. Generally, this means using natural materials, expecially leather that traditionally is the most important material used by the brand.


White and Black

Trussardi Uomo and Trussardi Donna are a synthesis of Trussardi world. These elegant fragrances with a distinct personality were specially created for strong-willed, sensuous modern men and women. Trussardi Uomo and Trussardi Donna celebrate one hundred years of family history, leather-working tradition and continuous innovation.
The two Trussardi fragrances represent Italian excellence and the excellence of this renowned brand.


The scent of new life

It is a glimpse of the ego, self-reflection, and an introspective recollection of a memory. Trussardi Riflesso, the new men’s fragrance by Trussardi Parfums, is a conscious exploration of uncharted territories studying the sense of modernity by analyzing the possibilities of tradition. The fragrance represents a path for discovering the contemporary world through the tools provided by the heritage of the brand.
Designed for a man who never rests on his laurels and transforms movement and speed into positive energy and an optimistic attitude, Trussardi Riflesso is the expression of the action that rewards the results achieved by apro-active man, the goal that determines the existential urge to steer his life in the direction he chooses.
Trussardi Riflesso captures the soul of a man whose scale of values is built with the words and sentiments of modernity, tradition, family, work, quality, and a sophisticated sense of life that gives him that natural attitude and effortless elegance.




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