Angelini Beauty creates, develops and distributes fragrances and cosmetics all over the world through licences with fashion firms and luxury brands.


Our closeness is a value. We design personalised fragrances for each and every one of our firms thanks to our ability to understand and manage conceptually different brands, delivering added value to all our products. We are passionate about what we do, we treat brands as if they were our own. We attract talent from major companies because we focus on long-term brand-building with the help of a sustained and reliable business plan.


We are dream-makers. We know how to interpret what consumers want, and we give it to them through our fragrances and cosmetics. Innovative products for increasingly more demanding and knowledgeable consumers.



Angelini Beauty was born of a passion for fashion and from more than 50 years’ experience in the perfumery and cosmetics sector.


We were born multicultural, and our vision for creating, developing and marketing our brands is international, although we never lose sight of our closeness to fashion brands. Our sites in Barcelona and Milan keep us close to our brands’ roots, allowing us to maintain constant contact with them and make our organisation more flexible. Barcelona and Milan, two symbolic cities, each one with their own distinguishing idiosyncrasy. Barcelona, a global design and art hub, modern and cosmopolitan. Milan, the fashion centre par excellence, contemporary and dynamic. Two avant-garde cities.





Angelini Beauty focuses on building long-term relationships, seeking the continuity of our brands, partners and our teams. We promote proximity as the foundations of good understanding. This closeness has always distinguished us from our competitors: we deal with people, we love what we do and our size allows us to work with the responsiveness that a sector so highly linked to fashion and trends like our own calls for.


The flexibility and elasticity of our projects is our hallmark, always underpinned by a solid methodology that guarantees our efficiency.


We take care of our firms. We take great care in building brands, proposing development plans that guarantee their continuity and we compete to attract the talent of major firms that reinforce our positioning on the market.


We enjoy the support of an international leading group that offers us support at all levels and enables us to invest in brands to break them into the market even when fashion is not present.


Angelini Beauty is committed to the environment and participates in different solidarity projects to contribute to improving our community.