Angelini Beauty is the business unit of Angelini Group, that works in the perfume, skincare and sun care sectors.

It creates, develops and distributes worldwide the perfume and cosmetics lines of Trussardi, Laura Biagiotti, Blumarine, Angel Schlesser, Armand Basi, Mandarina Duck and Anne Möller skincare & sun care products.

Our Brands

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The mission of Angelini Beauty is to create unique, magical products that make consumers dream.

The company was established when Idesa Parfums and ITF were acquired between 2013 and 2016. This made it possible to build a prestigious portfolio of brands, both owned and licensed from companies in the fashion industry, and to guarantee continuous international development. Angelini Beauty has branches in strategic markets such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Switzerland, with a team of 200 employees that breathes and transmits excellence made in Italy. Angelini Beauty creates fragrances and skincare and sun care products in respect of the identity and uniqueness of each brand. It also pays great attention to design and advertising, collaborating with major international talents in the sector.



The products are distributed in more than 80 countries in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Asia, the United States and Latin America.



A direct presence on strategic markets such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Switzerland.



Highly qualified professionals who have helped make Angelini Beauty a point of reference in the international perfumery and cosmetics sector.